March 30, 2020 2 min read

As Americans we are used to constantly being on the go. The stillness, silence and seclusion we are all experiencing right now likely seem unnatural and eerie.

But, how many times have you wished, as I know I have, for the freedom and flexibility to stay at home in your pajamas all day? Nowhere to be, no one to see. No guilt, no gatherings. No obligations, no bras. 

While things are certainly unsettling right now, we challenge each one of you, as we are challenging ourselves, to find joy and progress in this period of reflection. Is there something you've been putting off that you finally have the time to do? A closet that needs cleaning, a book that needs reading, a friend that needs calling? 

I admit, since launching Nature’s Nosh I haven’t given myself the time to thoroughly step back and reflect. I have constantly been on the go, thinking that was the only way to feel productive and worthy. While it has taken me some time to adapt to this new “normal,” I have finally come to ambitiously welcome this period of silence. I am eager tlisten and to learn.

To listen to myself and remember why we embarked on this journey and to listen to all of you, our loyal customers and fans, from those who have been following us since day 1 to those who are hearing from us for the first time.

If you are also finding yourself with a bit of free time on your hands we would love to hear from you. This can be as simple as voting on an Instagram poll (@eat.natures.nosh), sending us a message with some feedback or questions, or just taking the time to introduce yourself. 

We are eager to learn from you as we continue to grow together. Thank you for the support and we cannot wait to hear from you. Safe safe and stay indoors. Keep cuddling and keep calm. 


Nosh on,